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Old Dog, New Tricks

I know I’m not old compared to the general teaching population, but compared to the blogging community, I’m feeling my age.  I told my husband the other day, “I don’t know if I’m smart enough to teach this way.”  He laughed at me.  He obviously knows my drive will overcome any lack of knowledge.  I want my class to be current and enjoyable as well as challenging for my students.  I want it to be relevant.  This means using technology that I was never exposed to as a student.  It is all new to me.  Sure, I use google docs, blogger, and google reader, but a lot of my time has been spent learning how to incorporate Sketchpad (still learning), Texas Instruments (still learning the NSpire), and any photo or video editing software. 

I remember my first TI graphing calculator.  It was dark blue and did nothing but graph.  You couldn’t download programs or apps.  I remember hand typing in a program just to get the screen to display ‘friendly’ numbers.  I went to college before the internet was available.  My junior year of college we had one computer on campus connected to the internet, but no one knew how to use it.  Search engines we nonexistent.  Things have changed and I’m determined to change with them.  I don’t want to teach the way I was taught.  I don’t want to stand at the board (even if it is a Smartboard) and work problems while my students watch or zone out.  I want to challenge them and engage them.  I want it to be relevant.  (Have I said that already?)  I”m feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all, but I am dedicated to striving and working and I promise to get better each year. I vow never to be Ditto Styles who hands out endless worksheets and dies in class while noone takes notice.


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