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Algebra II Standards

Here is my master list of what I plan to teach this semester in Algebra II.  Since Tennessee received the Race to the Top funds, our standards have changed to match those of the American Diploma Project.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and am not sure how I will cover all of the material.  I have never taught the Unit Circle in an Algebra II course.  Fortunately, I have the Algebra II Honors course and know that the level of students I am working with will rise to the challenge.  I feel sorry for my fellow teachers who have to cover the same standards with grade level and remedial students.  Every student in Tennessee has to have four years of math including Algebra II regardless of the student’s career path.  I got a glimpse of the new End of Course test recently and almost cried.  It was definitly college level material.  All children should be able to balance a check book graph imaginary numbers.  My favorite part of the entire test is that next year it will count in my yearly evaluation although I am not told how.  It should be interesting.

Since I use Standard’s Based Grading, this list of Standards is absolutely necessary to me.  This is what goes in my gradebook.  I no longer use “Chapter 1 Test” or any other nonsense title.  It has helped my students and parents so much.  Next, I’ll be moving onto Pre Calculus.  The new standards were just released by my state and I can’t wait to put them in some understandable, usable form.

  1. July 22, 2010 at 4:20 am

    Hi –

    I just came across your blog (thanks to @druinok). I was toying with the idea of trying SBG this year with my Algebra 2 classes and may still incorporate some of the ideas, but haven’t totally shifted yet. I’m curious as to what some of your activities were on your standards list – like Speed Dating (is that one of Kate Nowak’s activities?) and Candy Jar Coach and How Met Mother…. care to share? 🙂


    • July 22, 2010 at 12:04 pm

      All of the ideas on that list, I have to admit are from some of the great bloggers. The speed dating is Kate Nowak’s. The candy jar is from Kate as well. (She’s great!) Teh How I Met Your Mother is one of Dan Meyer’s WCYDWT. It is a great scatter plot / linear project. Here is a great link where Samjshah has compiled some good resources contributed by teachers: http://samjshah.com/worksheets-projects/. Hope this helps.

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