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On Board with Prezi

I made my first Prezi today.  Next week I am doing a presentation entitled, “Integrating Algebra into the 6th – 10th Grade Curriculum.”  My goal is to get middle school teachers thinking about incorporating projects and activities that lead to algebraic thinking.  After attending the Model Schools Conference in Florida this summer, I decided to incorporate some of their material.  They have some good lesson plans.  Fortunatly, my school purchased the hard copy lesson plans and an online subscription.   (By the way, this conference was my first exposure to Prezi.)

I’m not sure if my Prezi stands alone or if it needs me explaining each step.  I did ‘borrow’ material from the great Dan Meyer for my prezi (I gave him credit).  His “How I Met Your Mother” WCYDWT is my favorite.  I’m not sure how it’s going to go over with middle school teachers to admit that we talk about hot and crazy girls in class.  Oh well…

I have to say that I love Prezi.  Being a linear thinker, I wasn’t on board at first, but now that I’ve made one, I’ll go back to it.  It is super easy!  My only concern is that teacher’s are already bombarded with new mediums all of the time and trying to get my coworkers onboard with something new is a challenge.  I know what they are thinking, “First it was Powerpoint, then SmartBoard, and now Prezi.  What’s next?”  My only desire is to try and stay current.

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