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Making It Up To My Students (SBG Style)

I have missed a ton of school lately.  I feel really bad.  I have taught for 10 years and yet this year seems to be my most difficult year balancing family, self, and career.  I am teaching two honors classes so this doesn’t help matters.

It started a few weeks ago when I woke up feeling like I was having a heart attack.  I took some pain meds and went to school the next day.  The pain subsided, but I couldn’t eat.  I went without eating for 3 days because I didn’t want to miss school.  (I know, crazy and stupid.)  My husband took me to the hospital on Saturday morning for an emergency gall  bladder surgery.  The doctor said to take a week off.  I was back to work on Wednesday.  (Crazy and stupid.)  I made it til Friday and had to leave early.  A total of 2.5 days out that week.

The following week I went to Nashville to help write and edit the EOC test for Algebra 2.  Three days missed that week.

This past week, my sister had her baby.  I wasn’t about to miss it.  I was gone 1.5 days.  It is now a grand total of 7 days out.  This is way too much for a block class.  I am feeling really guilty.

So, I decided to make a small part of it up to my students this past Friday.  We had a half day on Friday and each class was only 40 minutes long.  I gave every student a chance to retest 3 different standards of their choosing.  I put a list of standards on the board with 3 even problems chosen out of the textbook for each standard.  The students were able to choose three standards, for a grand total of 9 problems to be worked that day.

I was surprised with the results.  Some students improved their grades, but several did not.  I guess I came to the realization that students need to retest on their own timetable.  I can encourage them, but not push them.  This is frustrating on my part.  I’m not sure how to retest my students as a group with maximum effectiveness.

This is also where the frustrating part of teaching arises.  I feel like in any other job, I could have taken the time off and not felt so much guilt from my students, parents, and myself.  To be a teacher is to serve the public.  I know, I chose this.

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