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Edublog Awards

The Edublog Awards

The edublogs awards are open for voting.  I strongly encourage you to vote and nominate.  It is a great way to encourage people to keep blogging and to discover new blogs. 

Here are some of the categories and my nominations:

Best Individual Blog:  Shawn Cornally’s Think Thank Thunk Blog  http://101studiostreet.com/wordpress/

Shawn’s blog taught me so much about Standard’s Based Grading.  I could not have survived my first year of SBG without him.  He also does a great job of encouraging me and making me focus on what is really important in teaching. 

Best Resource Sharing Blog:  Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere – Virtual Filing Cabinet – http://samjshah.com/worksheets-projects/

Whenever I need to find anything, I go to the virtual filing cabinet first.  Sometimes compiling information is just as useful as creating it.  If I can’t find it when I need it, I can’t use it.

Best use of a PLN: Riley Lark and his Conference on Soft Skills

Riley Lark gave me the push I needed to start my own blog.  His virtual conference was my debut and I learned so much from it.  I was so afraid when I started my blog that no one would read it, but Riley gave me a voice.

Lifetime achievement: Dan Meyer’s dy/dan

I didn’t even know that edublogs existed before Dan Meyer.  He was my introduction to the blogging community and he continues to amaze me.  Dan  Meyer’s work has changed the direction of my teaching.  He forces me to look beyond the typical and mundane that teaching can become.  He encourages me to always search for new and challenging ways to help students learn.  His mantra is posted in my classroom:  Be Less Helpful.

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  1. November 29, 2010 at 3:42 am

    I didn’t realize that your soft skills post was your first one. I’m touched – thanks for the nomination!

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