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Organizing SBG

February 6, 2011 Leave a comment

In my second year of SBG (standards based grading) and I think I have finally found a way to organize and handle the massive amount of resting.

When I make the assessments, I write out similar problems on notecards. I label these with the topic and number them. I create at least 5 notecards per standard or topic. This means each student can detest a standard five times without requiring me to make new problems. I also have a master answer page I keep under lock and key.

Here is the best part. I organize them using an old card catalog. It sits behind my desk and the students know it is off limits.  I also store my notecards for speed dating or row games here. image

When I have 20 students in line waiting to detest, I pull out the cards and it greatly reduces waiting time. It also makes grading a breeze.

Funny side note: My students didn’t know what a card catalog was or what it was once used for. My old school was throwing them out and we all know, teachers love free stuff.

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