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A Kindred Spirit

I love the blogging world of teachers. I find kindred spirits here. I find people who are passionate about students and learning. I find teachers who are not just passionate about their subject, but about their pedagogy. I find people who want moe than the latest craze in education and don’t want to use the buzz words of the moment, but want to create real change.

I also find this among several of my colleagues. I’m blessed to teach and a school with several people who don’t consider my passion for education an automatic geek label. (Ok, maybe they do, but they hide it well.) I’m blessed to have teachers that want to sit down and struggle with the challenges in education and have a desire to look for solutions. I know not all schools have this and not all teachers can find this.

My husband has a job, and it is a great job, but at 5:30 he comes home and doesn’t think about his job until 8 am the next morning. He doesn’t read blogs about how to be a better claims adjuster or tweet his friends about the most cost-effective manner to fix a vehicle, so sometimes he doesn’t get me. He chalks it up to my overachiever personality. He doesn’t understand why I spend hours every night analyzing student data and why I get excited when I see correlations. He doesn’t understand why my free time is spent reading blogs about math or tweeting fellow teachers. I tell him I don’t have a job, but a calling. I am called to teach and I want to do it to the best of my ability. (Ok, so maybe he is called to handle claims, but I doubt it.)

So, thank you to all the great bloggers out there who inspire me. Thank you to my fellow teachers at my school who push me to be better. I have found kindred spirits and it encourages me to continue my calling.

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