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Senior Farewell

In the past, I’ve always been so tired at the end if the school year and ready for summer break. I survive graduation and move on to the next year. This year is different. Due to scheduling and personnel changes, I have taught this senior class as sophomores, juniors, and seniors. I’ve never looped with a class before, so this was a new experience. It was great!

I wasn’t sure I would like teaching the same students for three years, but I built relationships that are priceless. Sure, there were moments when my nerves were stretched and I’m sure my cheesy jokes and sarcastic attitude lost its charm by year three,  but I know these kids.

I’ve watched this group of students mature from 15 year old, scared teenagers to young men and women ready to conquer the world. I know their parents, siblings, extracurricular activities and dreams. We have shared struggles, gains, and losses. Many of them know my children and have shared in the lives of my own boys growing up.

This is a difficult year to let go and move on with school. I will miss these kids. I have poured three years of my life into them.

I know next year I will have a new group of students and they will be just as special. This is one part of teaching no one talks about and no program can prepare you for. Teachers invest so much of their hearts, lives, and passion into these students and then they leave. As a mom of two boys, I can only imagine the emotion I will feel when they leave home. I hope my boys have teachers that invest in their lives.

Many students will stay in touch. I love Facebook for this reason. I will watch from a distance as they enter college and embark on their exciting futures. (I am a little jealous. I loved college.) Next year, I will start the cycle again. I’m sure it has to get easier.

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