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The Librarian and the Common Core

September 20, 2013 1 comment

My new job involves conducting training sessions.  Recently I was asked to conduct a session on the Common Core State Standards and the role of the Librarian (Media Center Specialist) in the transition.  As I did research, I was really excited to find how important the role of a librarian is to schools and how much he or she can do to help teachers and students.  Several research studies verify that schools that have a librarian have higher achievement on standardized tests.  Through working with the media center specialists, I realized they have  a desire to serve students and teachers.  All of the librarians in our district wanted to work with teachers to help lighten the load.  With the new era of Common Core and the focus on informational texts, this has never been more crucial.

Here is a link to the power point.  Feel free to use and modify.

The Media Center in Common Core


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